Stop wasting time on Facebook!

We all know how easy it is to waste time on your personal Facebook page, but did you know it’s possible to do on your business page? Below are some ways you may be spinning your wheels on your business Facebook page.

1. Not filling out your about section

This sounds so simple, but yet so many people neglect their about page. Be sure to fill in all of the information you can. When someone is researching your business, they want to be able to find out as much information as possible before they call or message you. When filling out your profile, be sure to include your website, physical address, phone number, list of products and services you provide, and a brief description of your business.

2. Creating overly promotional content

Facebook is encouraging content creators to replace promotional posts with stories that add value or provide more history for your business’s products and services. The new Facebook algorithm prefers posts that aren’t overly promotional, that are helpful and shareable. People like to see a “behind the scenes” glimpse into the day to day of your business.

3. Not posting on your page

It’s a daunting task to create Facebook updates daily. Where are you going to find good quality content? How do I find something different to talk about every day? It can be overwhelming. Do some browsing online to find ideas, ask co-workers for advice on topics, or repurpose content from posts that performed well in the past. Just make sure you keep your page up to date.

4. Reposting videos from external sources

Did you know that videos uploaded to Facebook perform better that videos from external sources? According to Hootsuite, “videos uploaded natively on Facebook saw an average of 110 percent more interactions, and 611 percent more shares.” That’s huge! So post that funny cat video, just make sure you upload it to Facebook.

Still feeling overwhelmed? The team at Horsepower Digital Media is here to help. We can create that funny cat video or manage your Facebook page to give you one less thing to worry about.

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