Karate Kid Marketing

We all loved the Karate Kid movies growing up and now it’s obvious we can’t get enough. Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence are back in a made for YouTube Red series called Cobra Kai. As all of us at Horsepower Digital Media are fans of the movie and were intrigued by the really cool marketing they have been doing on social media. Now we all love texting, and most won’t even pick up the phone to actually speak to someone, but get ready, because its 1984 all over again.

The marketing team for this new series has been posting sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook, but as they approach their release date, in early April, they are allowing the fans to call the Cobra Kai dojo and leave their info if they would like to join! (you can’t really join but here’s where the cool part comes in). You then get a call back from Johnny Lawerence of the Cobra Kai who taunts you to see how serious you are about joining. The fans are loving it!

Now the marketing aspect of this is the engagement, he most important thing you can have on social media! People will hear about the ability to interact and then will share and comment about it. Heck, we are even writing about it, so it worked on us!

The bottom line is to think outside the box. Know your audience and give them what they want. People like to be involved and invested in something, and this was a great example how to do that. We would love to show your business how to “sweep the leg” on your social media marketing. Call the Cobra Kai dojo and then call us.

Link to Trailer: https://youtu.be/xCwwxNbtK6Y

Link to website: http://cobrakai.com

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