Facebook Audience Optimization

Did you know that Facebook offers a feature to let you specify the audiences most likely to engage with each Facebook page post, based on interests?

Why Use Facebook Audience Optimization?

Facebook takes hundreds of things into account in their algorithm to determine whether someone will like and engage with a post from your Facebook page. Using Facebook Audience Optimization helps the algorithm determine the right audience for your posts.  It allows you to tell Facebook who should or should not see your post. For example, if you know you’re about to post something that will receive a negative reaction from men, you can restrict the post to be shown only to women.

Higher engagement can be found with Audience Optimization. Facebook states that in tests, Audience Optimization doesn’t increase the organic reach of your Facebook page posts, but it does increase engagement. Theoretically, without Audience Optimization, Facebook will show your post on a specific topic to a random 5% of your fans, some of whom may or may not be interested in that topic. This can result in low engagement. With Audience Optimization, Facebook may be more inclined to show your post on a specific topic to 5% of your fans who are interested in that topic, based on your specifications. This would ideally result in better engagement.

And of course, if more people engage with your posts because they match their interests, your posts would start to appear in their news feeds more often due to their engagement which could result in a boost in organic reach over time.

How do I Enable Facebook Audience Optimization?

To see if Audience Optimization is available for your page:

1. Go to your Facebook page settings in the top right corner of your page.

2. Under the general tab, look for Audience Optimization for Posts and click edit.

3. Check the box to turn on Audience Optimization for posts and click save changes.

To ensure the Facebook Audience Optimization is available for your posts, go to your page and create a new post.  You will now see a bullseye icon.  Click the icon and you will be able to choose the preferred audience for your post.  

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