Boosting a Post vs. Facebook Ads

Do you ever see that link on Facebook to “boost” your post? Did you even know there was a difference? Below we will go over the difference between boosting a post and creating a Facebook ad.

What does it mean to “Boost” a Facebook post?

Boosting a post is easy. You just click the “boost post” button, answer a few questions, enter a budget and you’re good to go. It is a form of Facebook advertising that allows your post to be seen in more news feeds. Boosting Facebook posts can help:

- you reach more of your current followers

- you work around the Facebook algorithm update

- you make a post that’s performing well, do better

- if you don’t have advertising expertise, but want to reach a larger audience

What is a Facebook ad?

Facebook ads are a lot more complicated than boosting a post. With a Facebook ad, you will need to create a goal which can include building local awareness, generating engagement, or maximizing conversions. Once you choose your goal, you will then get to choose your target market. You can target age, gender, occupation, interests and more. It’s good to be specific. Next you will need to choose a budget for your ad and the time frame you want it to run. The key is not setting then forgetting about your ad. You need to monitor your relevance score.

Facebook ads are great if:

- you understand Facebook advertising

- you want to reach new customers

- you have a specific goal that boosting won’t help you achieve

- you have a call to action

If you feel overwhelmed by boosting your posts and Facebook ads, we’re here to help. We can create campaigns or just guide you through the Facebook jungle.

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